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Join me at  6:20am every morning as we fire up the neurons with useless trivia that you just can't resist. We call this THE BRAINBUSTER. Or just BRAINBUSTER would be fine. You put a THE in front of it and people may start taking it seriously.  

Enjoy! We'll post each day's answers here everyday! 

Posts from November 2011

11/28 We'll see an increase in spending...
BRAINBUSTER: We'll see an increase in spending on this category, over $50 million in the next 30 days.

ANSWER: Toys for pets

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11/25 According to match.com...
BRAINBUSTER: According to match.com, nearly 1/3 of women LOVE this about Santa.

ANSWER: he's monogamous! 

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11/23 Approximately 33% of American's can't...
BRAINBUSTER: Approximately 33% of Americans can’t name a single one of these.

ANSWER: A single Christmas gift from last year

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11/22 What's something you'll only see...
BRAINBUSTER: What's something you’ll only see this week costs $190,000?

ANSWER: Macy's Day Parade balloon

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Topics: Human Interest

11/21 According to a new survey...
BRAINBUSTER: According to a new survey (from the UK, but whatever) what is the best dressed profession?

ANSWER: Real Estate Agent


#1.) Real estate agents.

#2.) Legal professionals.

#3.) Bankers.

#4.) News anchors.

#5.) Flight attendants.
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11/17 According to a survey of men....
BRAINBUSTER: According to a survey of men, 40% say a woman looks extremely sexy when she wears this. What?

ANSWER:  a baseball cap

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11/16 About 90% of parents won't admit...
BRAINBUSTER: About 90% of parents won't admit to THIS...but they have one. Have a what?

ANSWER: a favorite son or daughter

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Topics: EducationSports

11/15 According to a new survey..
BRAINBUSTER: According to a new survey, what is the #1 company young people want to work for?

ANSWER: Google. Then it's fol
lowed by Apple, and Facebook. Fourthis . . . the U.S. State Department?
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11/14 25% of women who go...
BRAINBUSTER: 25% of women who go to a holiday party will see this.

ANSWER: a woman wearing the same dress

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11/11 63% of men say they have never...
BRAINBUSTER: 63% of men say that they have never used one of these when getting dressed.

ANSWER: a shoe horn

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11/10 Radio Shack came up with....
BRAINBUSTER: Radio Shack came up with a list of six common holiday etiquette mistakes. What’s the #1 most common holiday ettiquette mistake?

ANSWER: forgetting to send THANK YOU notes.

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11/9 According to a study...
BRAINBUSTER: According to a study of twenty-something-year-olds, a third (33%) say this is AS IMPORTANT as air, food, water, and shelter.

ANSWER: Internet access

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11/8 According to a survey...
BRAINBUSTER: According to a survey, going through this process is so stressful that it can age you by TWO YEARS. What’s so stressful?


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11/7 Only 16% of us do this....
BRAINBUSTER: Only 16% of us do this at food stores. Do what?

ANSWER: use the self check out!  (down from 22% three years ago, some stores are removing them ... meanwhile Home Depot says their customers like them)
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11/4 A recent business survey...
BRAINBUSTER: A recent business survey revealed that this is the best way you can become your boss’s favorite employee. What?

ANSWER:  have a goodsense of humor.

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11/3 A recent survey of 1,000 women...
BRAINBUSTER: A recent survey of 1,000 women found that only 7% say they love their _____.  Love their WHAT?

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11/2 A new study reveals....
BRAINBUSTER: A new study reveals that this is the most frequently stolen food item.  What?


That's the finding of a new report by the U.K.'s Center for Retail Research, which surveyed 1,187 retailers representing more than 250,000 retail outlets across 43 countries.

Other "high risk" foods to make the most stolen food list include fresh meat, chocolate, alcohol, seafood and infant formula.
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11/1 According to a UK study..
BRAINBUSTER:  According to a UK study, (we'd probably see similar results here) what is THE biggest distraction behind the wheel?

ANSWER: kids arguing in the back seat
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