8th Annual Imiloa Astronomy Center Family Fun Day
Sunday March 9th, we spent a few hours at the 8th Annual Imiloa Astronomy Center's Family Fun Day. This all ages event is sponsored by KTA Super Stores. It also showcases the Gemini Observatory's 10th Annual Journey Through The Universe, a national science education initiative that engages entire communities – students, teachers, families, and the public – using educational programs in the Earth and space sciences and space exploration to inspire and educate. 
Imiloa Astronomy Center
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DC and Ka'iu Kimura

Inside Imiloa

Milky Way Cosmic Backyard

Sky Garden Restaurant

Imiloa Cone

Hilo Mikey selfie

Toby Taniguchi Selfie

Brian Day selfie

Selfie with Val Takata

Selfie with Leilani

Sally Marrack

Imiloa Exhibit Hall

Selfie with Ka'iu

Vinnie Recinto

Selfie with Sally

Exhibit Hall Voyage



Outside Imiloa

More exhibits

Fun for all ages

Janice Harvey and family

More exhibits

Journey Through the Universe

Best lecture title ever

Imiloa Astronomy Center