Minit Stop Puainako Grand Opening
Mahalo to everyone who joined us at our live broadcast from Minit Stop's Grand Opening on Puainako in Hilo on Saturday and Sunday March 17th-18th. We took some pics. We're posting them here.. Enjoy!
A chicken who didn't cross the road
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...and we're LIVE..

Getting set up for the big weekend

Trish and Kim

Kim Robello of Minit Stop fills up with Ohana Fuels

Ke'ala, Kat and DC

The prize wheel never stopped spinning

Kim wears the Grand Opening shirt

With a special message on the back

Joe and Mark from Coca-Cola with samples

Spinning wheel must go round

DC is a peace tree loving guy

Brad Freeman and the Minut Stop Chicken..

Aunty Darlene Ahuna and Friends

KWXX's Kat & Ke'ala with the Minit Stop chicken

Sunday's Gas special

John and Kim of Minit Stop

Pam from Minit Stop w/ Officer Kaaihue

Happy St. Patrick's Day

DC with \"Hilo Mikey\"

A chicken who didn't cross the road

Ohana Fuels