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B97 Hilo Office
1145 Kilauea Ave.
Hilo, Hawai`i 96720

B93 Kona Office
74-5615 Luhia St. Suite A2
Kailua-Kona, Hawai`i 96740

  • Dan

    I listen all the time when I go to Big Island for work and lots of times on line when I’m in my home office on Maui doing paperwork. Since you put up the new screens I can click on “listen now” till my fingers go blue with frustration. I can pick up all my other stations with no prob…..So what is the deal with the stream?!

  • Scott

    Brad, I cannot believe my ears…Tommy Bolin being played in Hilo.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…I’ve been waiting for years to hear one of ou guys play something different. This is what I’m talking about. Tired of the same ole Journey, Santana, played the obscure songs..we want them, we need them.
    Many Mahalo’s

  • I love the Morgan Freeman plug Last night we watched the movie “Lucy” with Morgan Freeman-it was trippy but he was great as usual

  • tl lasseter

    You have made listening to the radio the highlight of every morning for me.
    I love your show , and your sense of humor.
    My workouts are a breeze while listening to you.
    I do not even bring my phone on my runs because I do not want to miss a minute of your show.
    You rock my friend and you are in the right business.
    Mahalo for all the years of a great radio show. TL

    • dckwxx

      Mahalo, TL! Thanks so much for listening all these years! I’ll make sure the music is jumping every morning for your workouts. Thanks again! -DC

  • Brian Sugrue

    Found you guys while on vacation last year and I’ve been a frequent listener ever since using my Sonos. There are plenty of great stations in the San Francisco Bay Area but you guys are amazing!

    Keep Rockin.

    • Chris

      Mahalo for listening Brian!

  • Bryce

    3 days ago the DJ that works the 3 to 7 shift mentioned a boy in Korea who had a site that he was making 1500 dollars per meal having people watching him eat. Could please tell me what site that it is on and how he charges for that, please.

  • Lynn Bracy

    Emailing from Holister Missouri, I have listened to your radio station faithfully every day 12 hours a day, LOVE IT but since Monday this week I have not been able to get it to play on the internet. Concerned is there a problem on your end…are you no longer allowing internet radio……or is it my computer. You all make my day complete LOVE LOVE LOVE your station!!!!!! Hoping I will be hearing you again soon!!!! email me at with any answer

    Lynn Bracy

  • Ryan

    Hi, just wanted to let you know there has been a accident on the kea’au by pass just past the humane society and dump; all traffic in the Pahoa bound lanes are stand still. Hilo bound traffic slow down accordingly as the only visible signs are cops one the left side of the road by Orchidland, slow traffic and cops with flashlights on the center of the road with cars on the right. Please pass this on to all residents.

  • We Are Stardust

    Trying to find the name and band of a song playing Sunday night,just after ten o clock.It had lyrics about Moses and the Promised Land.. I did not hear it, but my significant other is going nuts looking for it. Can you help us? Is there a place I can see the playlist?Every suggestion I make, he says, “No, that’s not it.”

  • Bob Farrell

    Hey, how come “Listen Live” no work on your web page?

  • Jana

    Its a little off topic, but had to get this off my chest! I love this radio station and listen to it all day at work. What I REALLY don’t like is a” News report ” on a 10 year old little boy who was killed in a water slide accident and you getting into the awful details. As a mom this is really appalling and something I DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ABOUT! It is pure sensationalism and unnecessary! When people have a problem with seeing a breastfeeding mom ( and God forbid a boob) in public, but have no problem with this kind of reporting, something is really wrong with the society! I think it is time for more people to speak up about this! Mahalo

  • James Major

    Brad can you play “She Only” by Jim Major

  • James Major

    My girl does not think I had a tune on the radio

  • Jamie
    • Jamie

      When I met Jill Stein in FDR Park, acriss from the DNC Convention in Philly…July 27, 2016.

      • Jamie

        That is not me posing with her.

  • Jamie

    Ne Negotiating with the Philadelphia Police to allow the protestors to camp overnight, all week long, despite being against the law.

  • Jamie
  • Jamie
  • Roger Marston Souther
    could we please get a plug for this free benefit concert for the Wounded Warrior Project and SUDS

  • Ione N Tom
  • Sara Steiner-jackson

    Hi all! I’m gonna email you about my latest project, First Annual All Things Cannabis to be held at Uncle Robert’s Awa Club in beautiful Kaimu-Kalapana. I have a new non-profit and we are all volunteers with no budget at this point. I was hoping you all would want to help promote this as a community service. xoxo

  • Bill Berg

    Any chance of someone naming the song that was on air about 5 pm tonight? “I don’t care” was heavy in the lyrics.

  • Tom Geballe

    Lyman – about 30 minutes ago you asked if there are songs about fathers. There certainly are sogs that are partly about fathers, for example Mike & The Mechanics “In the Living Years.” I can only think of one that is all about the singer’s father – The Leader of the Band” by Dan Fogelberg. It is a beautiful song. I used to sing it and think about my father.

  • Alan Silverman

    Community Calendar: Kona Chanukah Celebration Dec. 17

    Congregation Kona Beth Shalom, West Hawaii’s Jewish congregation, celebrates the Festival of Lights with a grand family party Sunday, December 17, 4 to 7:30 PM at Hale Halawai on Ali’i Drive in Kailua Kona. Everyone is invited to enjoy klezmer music and traditional holiday songs performed by Kona’s Traveling Jewish Wedding Band, dance the “Chanukah Hula” with Na Kupuna O Kona Ali‘i, marvel at feats of magic by Arnie Rabin, play dreidl [DRAY-dl] to win chocolate “Chanukah Gelt,” hear the exciting story of the holiday retold and join in lighting menorahs (traditional Chanukah candelabras). Latkes (potato pancakes) prepared by Daylight Mind Cafe will be for sale, and potluck to share is welcome (no pork or shellfish, please). Admission is free for kids; adults are $5. For more information go to


  • Kapi’o Lani

    Accident off Highway 11 past Mt.View by Turn off Eden Roc. Traffic is going to suck soon. Not sure on what’s involved. Turned around.