DC’s Brainbuster



TUESDAY JULY 28th, 2020

BRAINBUSTER: since people have been quarantining because of the pandemic, sales of this product are way down. Sales of what?

ANSWER: Deodorant

GROUP OF HONOR: people who make faces at others through their face mask.

MONDAY JULY 27th, 2020

BRAINBUSTER: when scolding their kids, 40% of moms will do this. Do what?

ANSWER: use their full name

GROUP OF HONOR: Hawaii folks who said “we dodged a bullet this time” so basically EVERYONE.  (Bye bye Hurricane Douglas…whew!) 


BRAINBUSTER: one in 15 Americans will steal this in the next year. Steal what?

ANSWER: Toilet paper!

GROUP OF HONOR: People who attach ownership to viruses… “I’m catching YOUR cold.”


BRAINBUSTER: Today is National Grammar Day. Yay! Okay, so what’s the only word in the English language that when it’s capitalized is changed from a noun or verb to a NATIONALITY?

ANSWER: POLISH or Polish (noun – that’s a fine polish on your car. Verb – did you polish your car? Nationality – I’m part Polish.

GROUP OF HONOR: people who might need a dog cone to keep from touching their face.


BRAINBUSTER: according to a new study, most of us do this LESS than we think we do. What?

Answer: Smile!

GROUP OF HONOR: seniors who have surprisingly good dance moves.

MONDAY MARCH 2nd, 2020

BRAINBUSTER: 38% of people say a relationship deal-breaker is when their partner doesn’t like their favorite _______. Favorite what?

ANSWER: food

GROUP OF HONOR: people who wash their hands so often they feel like a doctor scrubbing up for surgery.


BRAINBUSTER: in a survey, 83% of people say they are “above average” in what way? Above average in what?

ANSWER: Intelligence!

GROUP OF HONOR: people riding shotgun who reach over and shut off the windshield wipers because the driver is zoning out.


BRAINBUSTER: this holiday season, one in 8 couples will argue over this. What is it?

ANSWER: a real or artificial tree!

GROUP OF HONOR: people who successfully regift a present to someone who actually wants it.




BRAINBUSTER: a new survey says 73% of people would rather get a gift of _____ than any other type of gift this holiday season. What kind of gift?


  • 73% of people would rather get a gift of food than any other type of gift this holiday season
  • Two-thirds of people say they are more likely to give a food gift to somebody they care about
  • The top reasons folks love go get a food gift is that they like to try new food and wouldn’t have bought it for myself otherwise

GROUP OF HONOR: people who can tell the age of their artificial Christmas tree by counting the lines of duct tape on the box.


BRAINBUSTER: 65% of us have no plans of doing this until after Christmas. No plans to do what?

ANSWER: dieting

GROUP OF HONOR: people at a supermarket who realize their bag’s logo is that of a competing store. OOPS


BRAINBUSTER: you may have sang about doing this but only 7% of people say they’ve actually done THIS during the holiday. Done what?

ANSWER: roasting chestnuts over an open fire

GROUP OF HONOR: people who say “bye-bye” rather than “goodbye”.


BRAINBUSTER: a recent study shows a spike in face injuries from what?


Researchers looked over 20 years of data and found that an increase in injuries began in 2006 when smartphones initially hit the market. While it was still new in 2006, the injuries kept piling up. An estimated 76,000 people incurred cell phone-related injuries from 1998 to 2017.

The injuries range anywhere from facial cuts and bruises to fractures as a result of careless users. Many were caused by people texting while walking, tripping and landing face-down on the sidewalk.

GROUP OF HONOR: people who work in retail during the holidays. How we holding up?


BRAINBUSTER: during the holidays, men are two times more likely to pay for someone to do this. Do what?

ANSWER: wrapping their gifts

GROUP OF HONOR: people who actually know the 2nd and 3rd verses of Christmas carols.


BRAINBUSTER: over 30% of these will happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. What will happen?

Answer: engagements!

GROUP OF HONOR: that person that comes out of nowhere to help you parallel park.


BRAINBUSTER: according to a study from universities in the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Stanford, people who do this a lot make the best friends. If they do WHAT a lot?

ANSWER: swear

According to a study done by Maastricht University in the Netherlands, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Stanford and the University of Cambridge. Potty mouthed-people have great interpersonal skills. Research determined that those who curse a lot tend to be way more honest and have a high sense of personal integrity not only in how they carry themselves but how they interact in society too.

GROUP OF HONOR: people who put Christmas decorations on their cars.


BRAINBUSTER: the average height for this profession has gone up four inches since the forties. What profession?

ANSWER: Professional Basketball Player

The average height in the NBA has gone up about four inches since the league started in the late ’40s. It started at 6-foot-3, and now it’s 6-foot-7.

GROUP OF HONOR: people who count running errands as “going out”.


BRAINBUSTER: a new shopping study says 44 million people will forget to buy this person a gift for Christmas, even though they see them almost every single day. Who’s that?


GROUP OF HONOR: people who are shopping today. At work. (Happy Cyber Monday)



BRAINBUSTER: we MIGHT have done this one before but it’s worth asking again because it’s still true.

The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day for people in what profession?

ANSWER: plumbers or drain companies

The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for plumbing and drain companies.

Big meal preparation and kitchen cleanup create “the perfect storm” for plumbers who stay busy unclogging kitchen sinks, garbage disposals and toilets.

Retailers call it Black Friday, but Roto-Rooter plumbers call it “Brown Friday” because of the sewage they are called upon to deal with.

GROUP OF HONOR: anyone who just had Thanksgiving leftovers for breakfast.




BRAINBUSTER: experts say the best time to do this is earlier in the day. Do what? 


  • Some like to have their Thanksgiving feast early in the afternoon, while others prefer it later in the evening, but is there an ideal time to dine?
  • According to gastrointestinal experts, eating earlier in the day is better for several reasons.
  • For one, it’s easier to adjust throughout the rest of the day if you’ve overeaten at an earlier meal, plus, it gives you time to digest before going to bed so you don’t get reflux.

GROUP OF HONOR: people who send you mass Thanksgiving text…you and about 30 other phone numbers you don’t recognize…at last since last year’s mass Thanksgiving text.


BRAINBUSTER: about one third of all people admit that they have never set foot here. Where is it?

ANSWER: a neighbor’s house

TODAY’S GROUP OF HONOR comes from listener Lisa from Volcano..

How about people who say to themselves:

“I wish I had taken the whole week off for Thanksgiving and say that they’re gonna do that next year, but they forget by next year and then say the same thing again next year”
That’s me..

Thanks, Lisa!


BRAINBUSTER: 19% of Americans would love a vacation or luxury item for the holidays, the real gift people want (50%) is for this to be gone. What do they want gone?


According to a Country Financial survey, while 19% of Americans would love a vacation or luxury item for the holidays, the real gift people want is for their debt to be gone. In fact, the most desired gifts include:

Their biggest debts paid in full (50%)

Their mortgage paid off (20%)

Their credit card debt paid off (13%)

Student loan debt gone (7%)

GROUP OF HONOR: people who count how many months until Christmas on the 25th of every month.


BRAINBUSTER: the average American does this about 96 times a day, which translates to once every ten minutes. What do we do?

ANSWER: look at our phones

Americans look at their phones 96 times a day, which translates to once every ten minutes.

That’s a 20% increase from a similar survey conducted two years ago.

90% of Americans are offended when someone starts looking at their phone when they are speaking to them, although three quarters of people admit they do it to others.

GROUP OF HONOR: people who keep thinking 2007 was 2 years ago. And that the 90’s were ten years ago.


BRAINBUSTER: women are twice as likely than men to take this apart. What is it?

Answer: an Oreo cookie

Men and women eat Oreos differently.

Turns out women savor the flavor longer than men.

Forty-one percent of women twist the cookie apart before consuming, while 84 percent of men eat Oreos whole.

GROUP OF HONOR: anyone who’s accidentally taken a bite out of plastic food.


BRAINBUSTER: the cheapest day to buy one is Christmas Eve. Most expensive day to buy one is Black Friday. Buy what?


According to the National Christmas Tree Association, Christmas Eve is the cheapest day to buy a Christmas tree, with the average price of a tree just $50.

If folks can hold out buying a tree until the week before Christmas, they’ll likely save about 29%.

The most expensive day to buy a tree is Cyber Monday, with trees costing, on average, $84, while trees on Black Friday will average about $79

GROUP OF HONOR: people who prefer drinking from a glass. Just tastes better, right?


BRAINBUSTER: a new survey shows that 29% of people are happy when this happens because it gives them a chance to slow down. When what happens?

ANSWER: when they get sick

29% of Americans are happy to get sick occasionally because it gives them a rest from their day-to-day lives and tasks.

40% say being sick gives them time to focus on themselves, and also gives them permission to slow down.

The biggest perk of being sick is getting to catch up on sleep, followed by being able to lie around the house.

GROUP OF HONOR: people who secretly want to drive down the runaway truck ramp when they go by one.


BRAINBUSTER: a new survey finds that one in three Americans have one of these on their mobile Phone. They have a what?

ANSWER: a crack in their phone screen

A new survey finds…

One in three Americans currently have a crack in their phone screen.

The fear of dropping phones and cracking screens is giving a lot of Americans “Phone-xiety.”

52% of folks are “always” worried about the safety of their phone.

The average American almost drops their phone at least six times every week.

The average American drops their phone four times a week, while a third drop it more than that.

GROUP OF HONOR: people whose phone is constantly set on silence but still check it when the movie theater says to silence them before the movie starts.


BRAINBUSTER: according to a new study, you will take in 9% fewer calories if you wear a BLANK while eating. Wear a what?

ANSWER: Wear a blindfold

FAVORITE ANSWERS: a belt, sunglasses, a ski mask..

GROUP OF HONOR: adults who still eat breakfast cereal.


BRAINBUSTER: more than half of adults say this is not appropriate to do until after the third date. What is it?

Answer: Talk about politics

FAVORITE ANSWERS: share toothbrushes, meet the parents, make eye contact..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who, no matter how old they are, cannot bring themselves to call a former teacher by their first name.


BRAINBUSTER: The majority of people who do this as an adult started doing it at age 14. Doing what?

ANSWER: Drinking coffee

FAVORITE ANSWERS: smoking, driving, laundry, man-scaping…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who keep toothpaste in their glove compartment.


BRAINBUSTER: a record number of people (18, 000) have applied for this job this year but only 8-14 will be chosen. What job is that?

ANSWER: astronaut

FAVORITE ANSWERS: Walking Dead extra, NFL referee, bikini inspector..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who like pens with especially strong springs. 


BRAINBUSTER: 63% of people do this before gambling. What do they do?

ANSWER: say a prayer

FAVORITE ANSWERS: cross their eyes, kiss the dice, swear that this is the last gamble…

GROUP OF HONOR: drivers who are jubilant that the scary engine noise is NOT coming from their car but the one in front of them.



BRAINBUSTER: men spend about 42 minutes more on this task each week than women do. What is it?

Answer: Eating

FAVORITE ANSWERS: bathroom time, getting dressed, looking for TV remote..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who put stuff in a safe place and then forget where the safe place is.



BRAINBUSTER: 2 different universities created machines to solve a decades old question. One university came up with 411. The other 364. What were they solving?

ANSWER: how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

FAVORITE ANSWERS: how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, which came first: chicken or egg, how many pancakes it takes to shingle a dog house…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who like the smell of a barber shop.


BRAINBUSTER: You could have burned 300 calories if you did this last weekend. Did what?

ANSWER: watched a scary movie

FAVORITE ANSWERS: took kids trick-or-treating, cleaned the house, wore a costume..

GROUP OF HONOR: Hawaii people with permanent rubbah slippah tan lines.


BRAINBUSTER: 37% of women get their hair cut for this event. What is it?

ANSWER: their new driver’s license photo

FAVORITE ANSWERS: vacation, divorce, giving birth..

GROUP OF HONOR: families with a pool table but never use it.

 FRIDAY OCTOBER 30th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 1 in 3 married women have done this without their husbands knowing. What did they do?

ANSWER: threw out some of his clothes

FAVORITE ANSWERS: switched detergent, are secret assassins, at a whole pint of ice cream…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who never plug a 2 prong cord into an outlet correctly the first time. (Thanks, Kevin Mattos!)


BRAINBUSTER: according to a recent survey, 30 percent of people say they try a new one once a year. Try a new what?

ANSWER: Try a new recipe!

FAVORITE ANSWERS: cold remedies, radio station, shampoo…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who have a nickname from something they did as a kid and it’s followed them into adulthood..


BRAINBUSTER: In a new Yahoo survey, 43% of people admitted to doing THIS the last time they were angry. What was it?

ANSWER: Eating ice cream

FAVORITE ANSWERS: throw things, punch things, meditate, leave the country..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who freak out a little bit when movies or books use their birth date for something.


BRAINBUSTER: GQ Magazine recently did a survey asking adult men what they try to hide from their mothers. 35% of guys said THIS. What is it?

CLUE: it might make mom very worried

ANSWER: They have a motorcycle

FAVORITE ANSWERS: Playboy magazines, tattoos, girlfriend, religion…

GROUP OF HONOR: people do a “voice” of their pet.



BRAINBUSTER: “Match Game Monday” More than 60% of women are willing to kiss a guy on a first date if he BLANKS good. If he WHAT good?

ANSWER: if he SMELLS good

FAVORITE ANSWERS: listens, cooks, bowls..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who plan their Halloween costume months in advance. I am not a member of this group but sort of in awe of those who are.



BRAINBUSTER: People in the forestry profession are more likely to do THIS.

ANSWER: Marry a co-worker

The occupation group of Farming, Fishing, and Forestry has far the highest rate of within group marriage at 25%. This industry is primarily made up of agricultural workers and animal breeders. This high rate may be because there is a less diverse mix of occupations available to people in rural communities compared to urban ones.

  1. Farming, fishing and forestry
  2. Management
  3. Sales
  4. Education
  5. Healthcare practitioners
  6. Industrial production
  7. Law
  8. Cleaning and maintenace
  9. Food Preparation and Serving
  10. Computer Science and math

GROUP OF HONOR: people who have dreams of random people you haven’t seen or heard from in decades.


BRAINBUSTER: 20% of people surveyed steal this from the office to use at home, what is it?


GROUP OF HONOR people who heat something up in the microwave then stick it in the freezer to cool it off.


BRAINBUSTER: according to a new study, you are a better liar when this is full. When what is full?

ANSWER: bladder

GROUP OF HONOR: people named after TV characters.


BRAINBUSTER: research shows that single people have more of these than married people. More what?


GROUP OF HONOR: people whose glasses keep fogging up.


BRAINBUSTER: According to a new study, employees are 20% happier at work on days when this shows up unexpectedly.

ANSWER: Free food

GROUP OF HONOR: people who have to wear reflective clothing to work.


BRAINBUSTER: 61 percent of people do this regularly via smart phone–but only one in five do it in person. What is it?

Answer: Say “I love you” to a partner. One if four folks admit they only say it because their significant other will be annoyed if they don’t.

GROUP OF HONOR: a woman whose purse has everything you need just when you need it. Toothpick? Check. Corkscrew? Check. Crowbar? Sure why not..


BRAINBUSTER: according to a new survey, 60% of newlyweds had one of these at their wedding but only half of their new spouses knew it.

ANSWER: an ex

GROUP OF HONOR: people, who instead of knocking, text “I’m here”. (followed the people inside texting back “k”)


BRAINBUSTER: according to a recent survey the average woman has about five of these a month. Five what?

Answer: Bad Hair Days!

FAVORITE ANSWERS: meltdowns, manicures, chocolate bars, facepalms..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who keep saying “The holidays are just around the corner..” 


BRAINBUSTER: On average, a child uses 730 of these by their 10th birthday. What?

ANSWER: Crayons

FAVORITE ANSWERS: tantrums, excuses, band-aids, excuses, questions..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who dip or dunk their food. Dipper Dunkers. 


BRAINBUSTER: 65% of Americans in a new survey said – if money did not matter, they would choose to spend their money on THIS. What is it?

ANSWER: A butler!

GROUP OF HONOR: people who see the twin towers in a movie and it momentarily takes them out of the plot.


BRAINBUSTER: 541 people have done this so far — more than half of them American. What is it?

ANSWER: Travel to space.

GROUP OF HONOR: that person who has too much stuff in their front seat for you to get in.


BRAINBUSTER: According to a recent survey, 70% of kids entering kindergarten can operate a computer but only 10% can do this. Do what?

ANSWER: Tie their shoes

GROUP OF HONOR: People who have issues removing tape from the dispenser without it folding in on itself into an unusable square.


BRAINBUSTER: According to a new survey, 28% of Americans have been late to work because of one of these and 50% of Americans have gone to work with one.

ANSWER: A hangover

GROUP OF HONOR: people who like the smell of shampoo in the morning. And bacon. Shampoo and bacon.


HAPPY LABOR DAY —  (sorry, no question today)


BRAINBUSTER: According to a new survey, 77% of Americans think it’s OK to do this while walking on a sidewalk but 88% of Americans think it’s not OK to do at the dinner table.

ANSWER: Use a cell phone

GROUP OF HONOR: people who hit all green lights on the way to work. JACKPOT!



BRAINBUSTER: A new study is out revealing that women check theirs about 140 times a year, while men check theirs 17 times a year. Check what?


GROUP OF HONOR: people who use an unnecessary “the”. Like The Twitter. The Facebook.



BRAINBUSTER: In a new survey from Women’s Health Magazine, 48% of women said when they do THIS, they always do it on Sundays. What is it?

ANSWER: Go makeup free

GROUP OF HONOR: people who swear in any language other than English.


BRAINBUSTER: A new study is out and shows the average person has three of THESE right now. What is it?

A: Past due bills!

GROUP OF HONOR: people who look like their name.

MONDAY AUGUST 31st, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: In the mid 2000s pencil sales increased dramatically due to this. What was it?

ANSWER: Sudoku

GROUP OF HONOR: people who have a favorite pen.

FRIDAY AUGUST 28th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: it’s impossible for this to last more than 7-minutes and 58-seconds.


Because of the speed at which Earth moves around the Sun, it’s impossible for a solar eclipse to last more than 7-minutes and 58-seconds.

GROUP OF HONOR: people who you greet with sarcasm


BRAINBUSTER: You’ll do this on average once a week. Most times when you’re at home or as your getting out of the car. Do what?

ANSWER: drop your phone

GROUP OF HONOR: passengers who reach over and turn off the windshield wipers because the driver is spacing out. Usually a spouse. Usually 5 miles past the rain.



BRAINBUSTER 65% of Moms say – when it comes to back to school time – THIS stresses them out the most. What is it?

ANSWER: Watching the kids play sports!

GROUP OF HONOR: people who re-do high fives if they weren’t good enough the first time.


BRAINBUSTER: a survey reveals that 44 percent of boomers, ages 51-70, say they go to more of these now than they did ten years ago. Go to what?


FAVORITE ANSWERS: doctors, antique shows, chiropractor..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who still count with their fingers.

MONDAY AUGUST 24th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: According to a new study, we spend between 12 and 13 times the value of one of these, trying to get it.

ANSWER: A midway carnival game prize

FAVORITE ANSWERS: a wife, french fry, gallon of gas, bacon..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who play odd musical instruments. Lute, anyone? Oboe? Banjolele? Nose whistle?


FRIDAY AUGUST 21st, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: People who bring reusable bags to the grocery store, are more likely to buy this…what is it?

ANSWER: Junk food

According to a study..in consumer psychology it’s called “licensing”. If I behave well in one situation, we give ourselves license to misbehave in another, unrelated situation. Similar research has also been done on health decisions. I get a Diet Coke; I treat myself to a hamburger. In this case bringing a bag makes you think you’re environmentally friendly, so you get some ice cream. You feel you’ve earned it.

GROUP OF HONOR: Thanks to Tina Louise Estaban Cook: “when you hear someone else’s text tone go off, you reach to check your own. Maybe you’ve already covered this one already…but it just happened to me!”


BRAINBUSTER: The average NFL game on TV has 10-12 minutes of action, and 16-18 minutes of ___________. Of what?

ANSWER: replays

GROUP OF HONOR: Thanks to Allen Goodson! “Early morning folks who reach for the volume knob quickly when finding the setting from 97.1 pau hana drive home the previous afternoon is way too loud for early morning listening.”



BRAINBUSTER: One third of people say this sound stresses them out. What is it?

ANSWER: E-mail notification

GROUP OF HONOR: people who like seeing how much dirt came off of something they just cleaned.



BRAINBUSTER: it’s National Friendship Week and 46% of people said they would do this alongside their good friend. Do what?

ANSWER: get a tattoo

GROUP OF HONOR: that one person who always notices your new haircut.

MONDAY AUGUST 17th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 18% of high school aged kids are friends with someone because of this reason. What is it?

Answer: A car

GROUP OF HONOR: people who like getting their ID checked when they’re way over the legal age.

FRIDAY AUGUST 14th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 62% of people claim they know how to do this even though they have never actually done it by themselves.

Answer: Change a flat tire

GROUP OF HONOR: anyone using a curling iron as a fake microphone.


BRAINBUSTER: Men say the best compliment they can get is ‘You’re funny.’ For women, it’s “you have a beautiful ___________” A beautiful what?

ANSWER: smile

GROUP OF HONOR: anybody who’s ever retrieved cooking instructions from the trash. Wait.. how long was I supposed to microwave that?


BRAINBUSTER: 65% of social media users are more likely to post a photo of this adult beverage more than any other. What concoction is an Instagram fave?

ANSWER: Margarita

GROUP OF HONOR: people who’ve seen their house from an airplane window.


BRAINBUSTER: 20% of people in a new Yahoo survey admit to lying about THIS on their resume. What is it?

ANSWER: Winning awards

GROUP OF HONOR: people who like the transition of driving from a rough road onto a smooth one.

MONDAY AUGUST 10th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: According to a recent survey, 18% of parents admitted to bribing their kids to stop doing this. Stop doing what?

ANSWER: stop fighting!

FAVORITE ANSWERS: whining, sucking their thumb, posting selfies..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who’ve stubbed their toe and are pretty much convinced they’re going to die.


BRAINBUSTER: Even though every other state has this, it’s hard to believe Delaware no longer does. No longer has what?

ANSWER: commercial air service

FAVORITE ANSWERS: property taxes, state bird, change for a twenty, bacon..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who get melancholy when they see the old car they sold years ago. And it’s thriving. Sigh….


BRAINBUSTER: According to a recent survey, 15 percent of couples say they prefer to do this without their partner. Do what?

ANSWER: Go Grocery Shopping!

FAVORITE ANSWERS: drink, eat, play on a see-saw…

GROUP OF HONOR: convenience store clerks who remember your name.


BRAINBUSTER: 36% of women in a new salon survey said, yes, they will get their hair done for THIS specific occasion. What is it?

ANSWER: Driver’s License picture

FAVORITE ANSWERS: job interview, date, parent-teacher conference…

“GUILLERMO” GROUP OF HONOR: people who, when it starts raining, go “There’s the storm, guys! Better hunker down! Here it comes.”  Then the rain stops.


BRAINBUSTER: According to a survey, the average man learns to use this at the age of 24. What’s the answer?

ANSWER: A washing machine

FAVORITE ANSWERS: a razor, a door, self-control…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who find hidden compartments in things you already own. (Extra pouch in your backpack..change holder in your BVDs!)



BRAINBUSTER: Nearly four in ten people who have one of these very expensive items never put it to use. What is it?

Answer: A law degree (Only 61% of those who’ve passed the bar actually work as lawyers.)

FAVORITE ANSWERS: hot tub, certified drivers license, treadmill…

GROUP OF HONOR: “keyboard meteorologists” people who’ve spend so much time online analyzing weather, especially an oncoming storm, they start talking like a meteorologist.


FRIDAY JULY 31st, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: Nearly 15 percent of college freshmen have never done this. What is it?

Answer: Their own ironing

FAVORITE ANSWERS: cleaned their room, read a book, looked up from their smartphone, the “Electric Slide”..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who make the same face in every picture they’re in.

THURSDAY JULY 30th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: Though you may not use it, you probably still have one of these around your house. When it was invented it was the size of a piano.

Answer: VCR (And, I will bet, the clock is flashing 12:00 AM)

FAVORITE ANSWERS: dinner table, telephone, harpsichord, piano..

GROUP OF HONOR: anybody who had a CB handle.


BRAINBUSTER: 21% of Americans regularly follow this superstition. What is it?

ANSWER: knock on wood

FAVORITE ANSWERS: step on a crack, no pants Friday, don’t mix colored clothes with whites in the wash..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who always seem to have sports equipment rolling around in their car.

TUESDAY JULY 28th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: In a recent survey 25% of people say they’ve seen a coworker here. Where?

ANSWER: A dating website

FAVORITE ANSWERS: bar, lingerie shop, at the zoo, haberdashery…

GROUP OF HONOR: people whose car still smells like the pizza they bought the night before.

MONDAY JULY 27th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 52% of women surveyed say they’ve turned down guys for a second date because he had too much ___________.

ANSWER: cologne

FAVORITE ANSWERS:   …to drink, mommy issues, spinach in his teeth, hair gel..

GROUP OF HONOR: drivers who notice other cars have their headlights on but don’t turn their own on until that other car passes.


FRIDAY JULY 24th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: a new survey found the average person only knows 5 of these by heart. Know what by heart?


FAVORITE ANSWERS: passwords, social security numbers, birthdays, phone numbers, Shakespeare stanzas..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who can’t help but wave at themselves on security cameras.

THURSDAY JULY 23rd, 2015

GROUP OF HONOR: that person who always has candy at their desk.



BRAINBUSTER: 90% of people say if this person asks for a raise, they would give it to them. Who?

ANSWER: Babysitter

FAVORITE ANSWERS: secretary, janitor, mom, spouse, rubbish collector..

GROUP OF HONOR: the deli worker person who gives you a free taste.

TUESDAY JULY 21st, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: the experts say the price of one of these will usually change about 70 times before it sells out. What is it?

ANSWER: Airline Ticket

FAVORITE ANSWERS:  gas, stamps, concert tickets, a politician…

GROUP OF HONOR people who get cup lids from the middle of the stack. Or people who never choose the thing on top. They go about 3 deep because they haven’t been touched.

MONDAY JULY 20th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: A new study looked at the tattoos people are most likely to get removed. Your ex’s name came in at #1. What came in at #2?

ANSWER: A dolphin

Here’s the top 10 list of tattoos most likely removed

1. Name of ex-lover
2. Dolphin
3. Misspelt foreign quote
4. Barbed wire
5. Star
6. Butterfly
7. Chinese symbols
8. Celtic designs
9. Signs of the Zodiac
10. Fairy

FAVORITE ANSWERS: anchor, prison number, confederate flag…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who microwave a cold cup of coffee because the coffee was THAT good.


FRIDAY JULY 10th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: One of these is broken every 5 seconds. It usually happens in the summertime.

Answer: Sunglasses

GROUP OF HONOR: people holding the door for somebody just slightly too far away.


BRAINBUSTER: According to a new study, when trying to solve a problem or work on a project, doing this while thinking can make you 60% more creative.

ANSWER: Walking

GROUP OF HONOR people who, when the waiter/waitress says to ‘enjoy your food’ respond with ‘you too!’


BRAINBUSTER: according to a new study, more than HALF of men have never seen their significant other’s THIS. Their what?

ANSWER: natural hair color

FAVORITE ANSWERS: bank statement, childhood home, molars, appendix…

GROUP OF HONOR: the family historian. That go-to person in who seems to remember what year everything happened in the family.

TUESDAY JULY 7th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: We love bragging about getting a ‘good deal’. What tops the bragging list of good deals?

ANSWER: Getting a bargain price on a vacation

FAVORITE ANSWERS: car, salary, house, spouse, BBQ grill…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who look away when you’re typing in your password.

MONDAY JULY 6th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: according to a recent survey 70 percent of people say they can tell if this is real or fake…what is it?


GROUP OF HONOR: people who think their printer is out to mess with them!

FRIDAY JULY 3rd, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: the average cost of THIS, this year will be $58.34. Probably a little more if you live in Hawaii. What?

ANSWER: 4th of July BBQ/cookout

FAVORITE ANSWERS: fireworks, tank of gas, Emergency Room visit…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who’s vanity plates make no sense to anyone but them.


BRAINBUSTER: according to a new survey, 93% of dog owners are convinced their dogs have the ability to do this.

ANSWER: smile

FAVORITE ANSWERS: the Hokey Pokey, rescue Timmy from the well, take selfies…

GROUP OF HONOR: People who tell you “Stop me if you’ve heard this…” and then continue anyway. (Thanks Scott Kester for this one)


BRAINBUSTER: When meeting someone new, 46% of people say the person is more attractive if they have a…  what?


FAVORITE ANSWERS: smile, huge slice of pizza, golf tooth, eyepatch…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who use superhero names when they’re ask for their names at starbucks. (Thanks Lyn Aleka! She always use “The Batman”)

TUESDAY JUNE 30th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 75% of men say they definitely judge another man by his _______. By his what?

ANSWER: ringtone

FAVORITE ANSWERS: car, job, grilling skills, use of deodorant…

GROUP OF HONOR: Hawaii people who are eerily accurate when guessing the magnitude of an earthquake that just hit..

MONDAY JUNE 29th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: According to a recent USA Today poll, 44 percent of us take a vacation from this when we take a vacation.

ANSWER: Working out or Exercise

FAVORITE ANSWERS: shaving, social media, family members, pets…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who wonder how the world got along before air conditioning.

FRIDAY JUNE 26th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 87% of women who have these keep them a secret from their friends and family. What are they?

ANSWER: Hair Extensions!

GROUP OF HONOR: people who love sports AND science fiction.

THURSDAY JUNE 25th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 30 percent of mothers say they refuse to share information about this. About what?

(CLUE: it’s a person)

ANSWER: babysitter info.

GROUP OF HONOR: people who hoard shoyu packets. Nobody wants to go through the apocalypse without shoyu.


BRAINBUSTER: According to new research, the average American will do this 10-times during a weeklong vacation… what is it?

ANSWER: Post to Facebook

GROUP OF HONOR: people who create entire an entire backstory for the person tailgating them.

TUESDAY JUNE 23rd, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: according to a new survey, one in five of us have taken part of this childhood activity as an adult. What is it?

ANSWER: Climbing a tree

FAVORITE ANSWERS: play “ding dong ditch”, throwing temper tantrums, eating paste…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who stay and watch the end credits.


MONDAY JUNE 22nd, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 40% of us say, THIS was our last big purchase. What is it?

Answer: A mattress.

FAVORITE ANSWERS: apple watch, back to school supplies, handbag..

GROUP OF HONOR: people with something in their trunk that keeps rolling around but keep forgetting to check what it is. (half filled water bottle)


FRIDAY JUNE  19th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: Utah Valley University has created three lanes throughout the new Student Life and Wellness Center, labeled “walk,” “run” and “______” What do you think the third lane is for?

ANSWER: texting

GROUP OF HONOR: people who stop their car to safely remove the gecko riding on their windshield.

THURSDAY JUNE 18th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 10% of women admit they do this before they weigh themselves because they think it will make them weigh less.

Answer: Blow dry their hair!

GROUP OF HONOR: people who have informal assigned seating in their living room.


BRAINBUSTER: If you’re an average person you’ll do this four times today, and do the exact opposite thing four times as well. What?

ANSWER: start your car/shut off your car

GROUP OF HONOR: people who don’t notice that white noise in the background until it stops.

TUESDAY JUNE 16th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: a recent study shows more than half of people say they would like this as the official food of America. What is it?

ANSWER: bacon

FAVORITE ANSWERS: spam, hot dogs, hamburger, BBQ, donuts…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who have a traffic cone and have no idea how they got it.

MONDAY JUNE 15th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: According to a new survey, 92% of people say they would visit this fictional place if it were real.

ANSWER: Jurassic Park

FAVORITE ANSWERS: Tomorrowland, Hogwarts, Wally World, Tatooine…

GROUP OF HONOR: people relieved when they realize that thing on the road isn’t a dead animal but a palm frond or something instead.

FRIDAY JUNE 12th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 19% of people say they fake this. Fake what?

ANSWER: talking on the phone (so they don’t have to talk to someone)

FAVORITE ANSWERS: being busy at work, interest in a conversation, understanding directions..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who’ve named the feral animals that hang around their house.

THURSDAY JUNE 11th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 25% of men do this ONCE a week. Do what?

ANSWER: wash their car

FAVORITE ANSWERS: shave, clean their ears, apologize..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who have jungles in their backyard. Gonna assume they don’t go back there for at least a week after seeing a Jurassic Park movie.


BRAINBUSTER: 48% of people say their parents objected to their first _______. First what?

ANSWER: Their first tattoo

GROUP OF HONOR: people who correctly guess an old password they haven’t used in a while.

TUESDAY JUNE 9th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: according to a new survey, 35% of adults say they looking forward to doing this every day when they get home from work.

ANSWER: Checking the mail

FAVORITE ANSWERS: petting the cat, charging devices, taking pants off..

GROUP OF HONOR: people, who after taking a phone picture of friends, allow the women in the group to “approve” it.

MONDAY JUNE 8th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: this seems far fetched but according to a new study, the sound of THIS could be making you gain weight on your daily commute. The sound of what?

A: Sound of traffic

GROUP OF HONOR: people who talk while yawning. BONUS: friends who can still interpret what they’re saying.

FRIDAY JUNE 5th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: Canada has more of these types of stores per person than any other country while Boston has more of them per person than any other city in the United States.

ANSWER: Doughnut shops

GROUP OF HONOR: people who ain’t cooking dinner tonight. It’s Friday and we’re going out to eat!


BRAINBUSTER: According to a new poll, 96-percent of summer vacationers say this is a must-have/must-pack item.


A new SSI Quickpoll found that for 96-percent of summer vacationers it is a must-have/must-pack item. In fact, we are so dependent on our smartphones that if we forgot it, 78-percent of us would be willing to turn around and go home, even if we were already thirty minutes away. What’s more, 48-percent would go back even if they were an hour away from home.

FAVORITE ANSWERS: bacon, deodorant, sunblock, grandma…

GROUP OF HONOR: babies who let out adult-sized burps


BRAINBUSTER: This first one came out 40 years ago. Now we can expect a few each year.

ANSWER:  Summer blockbusters

FAVORITE ANSWERS: a Cubs win, new Girl Scout cookie flavors, creative uses for bacon..

GROUP OF HONOR: school custodians. They have the whole school to themselves now.

TUESDAY JUNE 2nd, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 20% of people in a survey say this makes them jealous. What?

ANSWER: their neighbor’s lawn

FAVORITE ANSWERS: iPhone envy, skinny people, screen size…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who collect all the rubber bands from their bento lunches.

MONDAY JUNE 1st, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: According to Cosmo magazine, when it comes to the bedroom, the choice of this is decided on by the woman. What is it?

ANSWER What side of the bed she sleeps on.

GROUP OF HONOR: people who still have a graduation programs and stuff strewn across the kitchen table.

FRIDAY MAY 29th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: A new study finds that you’ll have a better shot at getting someone to complete a task if you make the request with this. With what?


Yup, a new study out of Sam Houston University found that when asking someone to complete a task for you, you’ll have a better shot at getting them to do it if you make the request on a post-it. Researchers suggest post-its make a request seem more like a favor than a demand, making people more willing to participate.

GROUP OF HONOR: People who tell you “Stop me if you’ve heard this…” and then continue anyway. (Thanks Scott Kester)

THURSDAY MAY 28th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 9 out of 10 people would like their coworkers to please do this. Please do what?

ANSWER: Stay home when they are sick!

GROUP OF HONOR: anyone who’s had a sneeze attack at a most awkward time. (Me yesterday standing in line at the pharmacy)

WEDNESDAY MAY 27th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: Studies show that men who are in what profession stay in it the longest?

ANSWER: a barber

GROUP OF HONOR: people who refer to something they make as “world famous”.

TUESDAY MAY 26th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: One in 10 American grandparents have at least one of these. What are they?

ANSWER: Tattoos

GROUP OF HONOR: people who keep thinking today is Monday.

MONDAY MAY 25th, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

FRIDAY MAY 22nd, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: Memorial Day weekend is the most dangerous time of the year to drive. The 2nd most dangerous is the Monday after what?

ANSWER: daylight savings time

FAVORITE ANSWER: Super Bowl, Thanksgiving, the Monday after I run out of coffee…

GROUP OF HONOR: people satisfied with their drivers license photo.

THURSDAY MAY 21st, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 80% of hotel guests never use this amenity. What is it?

ANSWER: The phone in the bathroom!

FAVORITE ANSWERS: shower cap, shampoo, free valet parking, mini bar items…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who cannot throw away bubble wrap without popping every last bubble.

WEDNESDAY MAY 20th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: On average, you’ll spend almost 36 hours this year staring at this. Staring at what?

ANSWER: the inside of a refrigerator

FAVORITE ANSWERS:  smartphone, car tail lights, spouse…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who still have (and sometimes use) decades old Tupperware.

TUESDAY MAY 19th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: according to a new survey, people with the names Megan and Nathan are the most likely to do this in a relationship. Do what?

ANSWER: cheat

FAVORITE ANSWERS: sleep together on the first date, break up, disagree, brush their teeth together..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who can pull of a perfect squeegee job at the gas station.

MONDAY MAY 18th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: According to a survey by Rent.com, men are more likely to do this for a job than women, but women are more likely to do it for love. Do what?

ANSWER: move

FAVORITE ANSWER: juggle chainsaws, change the sheets, raise kids..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who can convey an entire thought simply by nodding.

FRIDAY MAY 15th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: According to Tech Magazine, while the technology is getting outdated, 65% of American households still have one of these. Have a what?

ANSWER: an answering machine

FAVORITE ANSWERS: hotmail account, Betamax, hand powered mixer, AOL account..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who invent new words and phrases that only make sense to family or close friends.


THURSDAY MAY 14th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: Almost 60% of people say you should never do this before 8am. Never do what?

ANSWER: call someone

FAVORITE ANSWERS: get out of bed, mow the lawn, play drums, get married..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who realize they’re going to be in the background of someone’s picture and smiling at the last second.

WEDNESDAY MAY 13th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 30% of adults have one of THESE but don’t tell anyone about it. What is it?

ANSWER: A secret email account

FAVORITE ANSWERS: extra toe, imaginary friend, crazy relative..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who watch soccer and actually see a goal.

TUESDAY MAY 12th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 71% of people who make their own ______ are happier people. Make their own what?


FAVORITE ANSWERS: cookies, beer, money, bacon..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who fix electronics by smacking them.

MONDAY MAY 11th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: according to a new Yahoo survey, men are about 4 times more likely than women to lose THIS. What is it?

ANSWER: hearing

FAVORITE ANSWERS: phone, glasses, keys, their minds, sense of humor..

GROUP OF HONOR: trash collectors who get to stand up on the back of the garbage truck.

FRIDAY MAY 8th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: according to a new survey, the average American will spend $173 on this this weekend.

ANSWER: Mother’s Day

FAVORITE ANSWERS: bacon, booze, sombreros, sports betting..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who always seem to order something better off the menu than you do.

THURSDAY MAY 7th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: The average woman begins to regret this in about 70 minutes. Regrets what?

ANSWER: wearing high heels

FAVORITE ANSWERS: marriage, having kids, eating that second piece of cheesecake, buy something from HSN…

GROUP OF HONOR: anyone who’s ever been asked onstage at a concert or large venue and you’re not even an entertainer.


BRAINBUSTER: 40% of shoppers said “Yes, they’ve done THIS but only to see if they could get away with it. What is it?

ANSWER: too many items in express checkout

FAVORITE ANSWERS: change price tags, shoplift, wore new clothes out of the store..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who still sleep on themed sheets.

 TUESDAY MAY 5th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: Studies show that the average person will do this 30% less than they think they do. What?

ANSWER: smile

FAVORITE ANSWERS: snore, drink, come off as smart, NOT embarrass their spouse…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who can eat a taco without anything falling out.

MONDAY MAY 4th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: A new poll reveals that 85 percent of women agree that ______ makes them a happier person. What?

ANSWER: chocolate

GROUP OF HONOR: people whose Friday is on a Monday.

FRIDAY MAY 1st, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: According to a new survey, only 20% of women say they still use this in their kitchen. What is it?

Answer: An apron

GROUP OF HONOR: people who bring treats to work on Aloha Friday.


BRAINBUSTER: Research found THIS smell makes people nicer to each other. What smell?

ANSWER: The smell of coffee

FAVORITE ANSWERS: cinnamon, cookies, humble pie, teen spirit…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who mumble quietly along to a song they like and then sing the lyrics they know LOUDER.


BRAINBUSTER: A Yahoo shopping survey says most men do THIS more often than women when they go shopping. What is it?

ANSWER: Forget what they were going to buy!

FAVORITE ANSWERS: splurge, buy junk food, comparative shop, check out the lingerie..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who give you their last piece of gum.

TUESDAY APRIL 28th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: 1 in 4 married women wish their husband did not own…what?

ANSWER: golf clubs

FAVORITE ANSWERS: grill, video games, binoculars, goatee…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who you’ve never seen NOT wearing a hat.

MONDAY APRIL 27th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: A lot of teenage boys were wearing one of these this weekend but, according to a new survey, 10% of adult men have never worn one. A what?

ANSWER: tuxedo

FAVORITE ANSWERS: hoodie, ball cap, pants, Apple watch…

FRIDAY APRIL 24th, 2014

 BRAINBUSTER: according to a recent survey: Before deciding on one, women need 6 of these and men need 4. What are they?

Answer: Selfies!

GROUP OF HONOR: people who want to call in sick when a major character on their favorite TV show dies.  (This one is for Grey’s Anatomy fans)


BRAINBUSTER: Research shows that when women direct films, you tend to see more _______.

ANSWER: Women!

Women support women. Films directed by women feature more women in all roles. There is a 21% increase in women working on a narrative film when there is a female director and a 24% of women working on documentaries.

GROUP OF HONOR: people who have an organized junk drawer. Does that person actually exist?


BRAINBUSTER: Japanese and Cantonese are the only two languages where it’s customary to ________ after sneezing.

ANSWER: apologize

GROUP OF HONOR: people who do all of their ironing in the dryer.

TUESDAY APRIL 21st, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: almost 9 out of 10 people said that if this person asked for a raise, they’d give it to them. Who?

ANSWER: the babysitter

FAVORITE ANSWERS: spouse, mailman, rubbish man, women in general..

GROUP OF HONOR: local folks vacationing abroad who run into people they know from Hawaii.

MONDAY APRIL 20th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: According to a new survey, 48% of adults say this is the hardest thing to do while in polite company.

ANSWER: Keep from swearing

FAVORITE ANSWERS: not fart, not talk politics, not adjust themselves..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who hide things in their shoe and forget about it until they put them on.

FRIDAY APRIL 17th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: When people were asked to name their happiest dreams, almost a third of them involved this…what is it?

ANSWER: flying

FAVORITE ANSWERS? Food, money, family,  lightsabers, droids, and the force

GROUP OF HONOR: people driving who go to wave or shout out at someone only to smack their hand up against their rolled up window.


BRAINBUSTER: just over 40% of Americans look forward to doing this seemingly mundane task on a daily basis. Look forward to doing what?

ANSWER: Checking their mail

FAVORITE ANSWERS: exercising restraint, deleting spam folder, getting the paper..

GROUP OF HONOR: Hawaii viewers who are perplexed when they see a TV reporter suddenly morphed into a spokesperson for the Department of Transportation.


BRAINBUSTER: according to a recent survey 3 out 4 people say THIS can make them smile, even on a bad day. What is it?

ANSWER: their pets

FAVORITE ANSWERS: chocolate, bacon, the Three Stooges..

GROUP OF HONOR people who still fall for the “tap on the opposite shoulder” gag and look the other away.

TUESDAY APRIL 14th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: about 20% of us are thinking about this right now. What?

ANSWERS: Quitting our job.

FAVORITE ANSWERS: lunch, what to wear, sleep, bacon…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who can change the channel during a commercial break and then flip back just as the show’s coming back on.

MONDAY APRIL 13th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: according to Consumer Reports, for every person living in the United States, there are two of these. Two what?

ANSWER: Credit Cards

FAVORITE ANSWERS: cell phones, arms, parents, copies of Consumer Reports.

GROUP OF HONOR: people who let go of the gas pump at just the right moment.

FRIDAY APRIL 10th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: according to a recent survey, the average person does THIS to themselves about 4 times a day. Do what?

ANSWER: TALKS to themselves

FAVORITE ANSWERS: scratch, pick your nose, go shishi…

GROUP OF HONOR: the person on the construction crew who gets to hold the STOP sign.


BRAINBUSTER: People surveyed said this is the #1 thing on their home’s “clutter list”. They have too many….what?

ANSWER: too many HANGERS as in CLOTHES hangers

FAVORITE ANSWERS: pens, phone books, shoes, remotes…

GROUP OF HONOR: people who suddenly remember what movie that one guy is from. You know. That one guy. In that movie. With that lady in the thing.


BRAINBUSTER: 81% of Americans will fake this at least 3 times a year. Fake what?

ANSWER: someone else’s signature

FAVORITE ANSWERS: illness, compliment, the “never got your message” excuse..

GROUP OF HONOR: people who get in a line just before it gets really long.


BRAINBUSTER: 70% of the time, people can tell the difference between a real & a fake one of these. What?


FAVORITE ANSWERS: smile, laugh and boobs.. LOL! C’mon..you were thinking it too.

GROUP OF HONOR: people who can build a stack of pancakes that looks just like the front of the box.

MONDAY APRIL 6th, 2015

BRAINBUSTER: according to the experts, 45% of these will go over budget. What are they?

Answer: Weddings

FAVORITE ANSWERS: Gov’t projects, grocery shopping, dinner out…

GROUP OF HONOR: parents who believe some of their hidden Easter eggs are still unaccounted for.

FRIDAY APRIL 3rd, 2015


BRAINBUSTER: 13 percent of Americans share this trait but the percentage is twice as high among Major League Baseball players. What is it?

ANSWER: Left-handedness.

TODAY’S GROUP OF HONOR: the person lying down in the front of the sports team photo.


BRAINBUSTER: according to a survey of Americans, we spend approximately $4,500 every year on things we ______.

Things we what?

ANSWER: things we REGRET

GROUP OF HONOR: waiters or waitresses taking your order without a notepad and getting it right every time.


BRAINBUSTER: This phrase, used on signs that you might’ve made in school, is thought to have originated in Scotland on April Fools’ Day. What’s the phrase?

ANSWER: “Kick Me”

GROUP OF HONOR: people STILL amazed by airplanes. All that tonnage up in the air? Flying? C’mon.. it’s incredible.

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