DC’s Brainbuster

Monday October 16th, 2023

BRAINBUSTER: According to a registered dietitian Rose Britt, what is the “healthiest” Halloween candy?

ANSWER: that would be PEANUT M&Ms!

  • A serving of Peanut M&Ms has a little less than one gram of fiber, two grams of protein and nine grams of sugar.
    Reese’s cups have a similar nutritional value, with a little more added sugar.
    Snickers don’t contain any fiber, have one gram of protein and nine grams of added sugar.
    Peanut M&Ms are also made of mostly milk chocolate, while Almond Joys, which are also made of nuts and chocolate, are mostly made of corn syrup.
    Aside from candy with nuts, the healthiest sugary sweets are Smarties. One serving of Smarties has just 25 calories and six grams of sugar, compared to Sour Patch Kids, which contain 110 calories and 24 grams of sugar in one serving. USA TODAY

GROUP OF HONOR: people who say “cows” when they drive past cows.



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