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Nationwide COVID-19 cases more than 500K

The Easter Sunday morning Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard reports that those worldwide with confirmed cases of COVID-19 number 1,833,685.   Deaths worldwide attributed to COVID-19 now number 113,296.

In the United States, reported COVID-19 cases stand at 546,874, with deaths due to COVID-19 listed at 21,686.  But the daunting consideration is that without more testing, even of asymptomatic people, the true count is not known.  And New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, in a state with the most confirmed COVID-19 deaths, at 9,385 and New York City showing 5,742 deaths,  has said he knows the true death toll is higher because of unconfirmed at-home COVID-19 deaths.

Hawaii State as of Saturday, April 11 at noon reports 486 cases, with Hawaii Island at 34 cases.  Statewide, there have been 9 reported deaths attributed to COVID-19, with none of those on Hawaii Island.

The Johns Hopkins Dashboard updates frequently.  A recent article in New York Magazine says Johns Hopkins researcher Lauren Gardner said the site was initially intended primarily for researchers, but now with so much public interest, the site is getting more than 1.2 million interactions per day.

The Hawaii State Department of Health updates its report daily at noon, followed by a later email with more detail.

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