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Recap of key information you may find useful

There’s lots of news these days related to COVID-19 and about changes on the Big Island.  Here are some recaps for information you may have missed:

Testing for COVID-19 is available at several places on the island.  Click here for details.

Help with shopping:  Kupuna Kare, if you are unable to go out, older, disabled, immune-compromised…click here for the detail on how you can get help.

Masks:  You know you should, you’ve been told by the CDC, the Governor, the State Department of Health Director, Lt. Gov. Dr. Josh Green, and by Hawaii County Mayor Kim,  if out at a store or where you are in contact with people.  Now, to go into some stores, you must…and these restrictions will likely increase.  Click here.

Mask making and care:  click here for CDC instructions.

Donate Personal Protective Equipment:  easier now, several locations–click here to see where.

Alcoholics Anonymous:  if you need help and need to continue to connect with people to help you move away from your dependency, there are lots of AA meetings online plus phone hotlines, so you may speak with someone.  Click here for that story.

Vacation rentals:  Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim has shut them down.  The story details the rules plus who to call if you know of a violation.  Click here.

Tax impact for those with 401Ks, IRAs, who are 70 1/2 or older: no Required Minimum Distribution for 2020…click here for the story.

Feeling anxious?  State has a crisis hotline, and psychologist Dr. Katherine May shares advice and thoughts.  Click here for the links.

What’s open?  Hawaii Island Business Director–check out what’s open or enter your business here.

Restaurants? For delivery or takeout, go to



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