In Hawaii, those 40-59 have most COVID-19 cases

In Hawaii, the age group with the largest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases are those between 40 and 59,  with ages 20 to 39 the next highest.  Percentagewise, those 60 and over have the most hospitalizations because of the virus.

As of Thursday, April 16, with 541 total cases:

Ages 0-19, 20 cases with none needing hospialization

Ages 20-39, 173 cases with 5 requiring hospitalization (2.9%)

Ages 40-59, 196 cases with 11 requiring hospitalization (5.6%)

Ages 60 and above, 152 cases with 29 requiring hospitalization (19%)

The State Department of Health has a number of descriptive graphs which detail age breakdowns, residence of the victims, number of tests calculated, and more,  online