US at nearly 69K deaths; 134K predicted

The Tuesday morning, May 5, 2020 5:32 a.m. Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard reports:

Worldwide cases:   3,610,006    Worldwide deaths: 253,381

U.S. cases: 1,181,885      U.S. deaths:  69,079

President Donald Trump has gradually been upping the estimate of how many people in the U.S. might die from COVID-19.  The University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, in models used by many experts, predicts the number of deaths will reach 134,475 by August 4.  All experts point out that estimates change frequently, as conditions change.

The Hawaii State Department of Health on Monday reported that the State has 621 cumulative cases, with 548 released from isolation.  Hawaii Island added the only new case to the State’s count, and according to State DOH, has 75 cumulative cases with 63 released from isolation.

On Monday, State Health Director said on the Big Island, there are 3 clusters in Kona–the 36 confirmed cases associated with the 3 McDonald’s restaurants, one family of 4, and one additional cluster to which yesterday’s adult male belongs, a couple both infected.

On O’ahu, Mayor Kirk Caldwell and Governor David Ige have agreed to the reopening of parks for solo recreation.  Last Thursday, Mayor Kirk Caldwell said he and Governor Ige also agreed to allow reopening of some businesses, such as auto dealers, automated and mobile service providers, and more.

Monday, Governor Ige said Hawaii’s COVID-19 curve is flat.  He said he will issue a new proclamation no later than today that will detail loosening of the rules that have closed most businesses statewide and explain what can be open, and how.

In addition, Dr. Mark Mugiishi, head of HMSA, spoke to the State House Committee on COVID-19 and said he and a team that includes the Governor’s Economic Recovery and Resiliency Navigator, Alan Oshima; Maj. Gen. Kenneth Hara of HIEMA; and other state officials will unveil a plan that details the steps of reopening the economy fully by the end of this week.

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