COVID-19 world: 3.7M, US 1.2M, Hawaii 625

The Wednesday morning, May6, 2020 7:32 a.m. Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard reports:

Worldwide cases:   3,709,800   Worldwide deaths: 259,695

U.S. cases: 1,212,123     U.S. deaths:  71,463

The count of US deaths is up around 2,000 from Tuesday, tracking with the trends predicted by the University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.    Its model predicts the number of deaths will reach 134,475 by August 4.  All experts point out that estimates change frequently, as conditions change.

Hawaii State Department of Health’s Tuesday report says Hawaii has 625 cumulative cases, with 551 released from isolation, so 74 active cases. The death tolls stands at 17.

The State says the Big Island has 74 cumulative cases, with 62 released from isolation.  State DOH monitors all people with active cases of COVID-19.

On Tuesday, Governor David Ige issued a Seventh Supplementary Emergency Proclamation, allowing more businesses to reopen, with proper distancing, social isolation, and mask-wearing.   The State’s COVID-19 cases have been in the low single digits for two weeks, but Gov. Ige said if cases surge, he will reimpose restrictions.