HRA issues guidelines for restaurant reopening

The Hawaii Restaurant Association has issued guidelines for Hawaii restaurateurs as they plan to reopen their businesses completely.  The guidelines are based on the National Restaurant Association guidelines, so the HRA notes that local restaurants need to consider Hawaii state and county guidelines.

Sheryl Matsuoka, Executive Director of the Hawaiʻi Restaurant Association, said the health and safety of staff and customers is their top priority.  She was speaking before the House Select Committee on COVID-19 Economic and Financial Preparedness on May 4, and referred the committee to the National Restaurant Association’s reopening guidance document as a blue print for Hawaiʻi businesses.

Matsuoka said the national guidance can be adjusted for local businesses, but the basic rules include food safety, cleaning and sanitizing, employee health monitoring and personal hygiene, and physical distancing.

The key issues addressed include

-food safety

-cleaning and sanitizing

-employee health monitoring and personal hygiene

-social distancing

Neither Governor Ige nor Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim have given the restaurants the go-ahead to fully reopen, but when they do, precautions must be in place.

On Hawaii Island, a number of restaurants are still open, serving the public via delivery and/or takeout.  A list of open restaurants is available at, which has a statewide restaurant list that includes Hawaii Island.  There’s also a Hawaii Island Business Directory on the site that includes 53 island restaurants that are open, plus a list of other businesses.  Both directories are free for those listing and using.

For a link to the Hawaii Restaurant Association website, click here.  For the Hawaii Restaurant Association guidelines for reopening restaurants, to read or download, click here.