DOH corrects stats on tests, “released from isolation”

The State Department of Health says it has over-counted some of the COVID-19 tests in the state.  As of Wednesday, May 6, the State said the number of tests conducted in the state was 35,216.   But on Thursday, the count for the number of tests was 34,206.

DOH says they detected errors in counting and are now able to provide the correct test count.

And in another correction, regarding cases counted as “released from isolation”:  the Honolulu Star Advertiser in a story Friday morning, May 7, said Hawaii State Department of Health clarified what “released from isolation” means.  Most have assumed that “released from isolation” means “recovered,” but DOH says it also includes those who have died or left the jurisdiction.

Of the statewide count of 629, 565 have been “released from isolation.”