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COVID World: 4.58M, US 1.45M, Hawaii 638, Big Island 1 active

The Saturday morning, May 16, 2020 Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard at 6:32 a.m.:

Worldwide cases: 4,586,915       Worldwide deaths:  309,184

U.S. cases: 1,450,269     U.S. deaths:  87,841

The U.S. added 23,553 cases since Friday, and 1,613 deaths.  The daily addition of cases has been between 19,000 and 30,000 since the beginning of May.  The number of deaths has been averaging around 1200 a day for more than a week.

Hawaii Island added one to its count on Friday, bringing the island’s total count to 76 and that new case being the only known active case.  That was the only new case in the state, so the state has had 638 cumulative cases and 17 deaths.

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