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COVID Hawaii: most cases ages 20 to 59, but more 60+ in hospital

The State, as of Sunday, May 17, has had 640 cumulative cases of COVID-19.  Of these, 67 are still actively being monitored.  In Hawaii County, there are 2 active cases, both reported within the last two days, out of 77 cumulative.  Oahu has had 415 cumulative cases, Maui County 117, and Kaua’i, 21.  Kaua’i’s last new case was more than a month ago.

The state’s death toll stands at 17, 11 of which were on O’ahu and 6 in Maui County.

The Hawaii State Department of Health statistics continue to show that the greatest number of cases of COVID-19 in the state continues to be in the 40 to 59 age group, with 20 to 39 second.   Those up to age 19 have the fewest cases.  Those 60 and older account for the greatest percentage and number of hospitalizations and deaths.


Ages Number Number hospitalized % hospitalized
0-19 33 1 0.0%
20-39 214 7 3.4%
40-59 222 23 10.4%
60+ 171 51 29.8%

Total hospitalizations:  82


For the original chart and more information, click here.

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