No new COVID-19 in state–third time in 10 days

The State has no new COVID-19 cases today, the third time in ten days with no new cases confirmed.

Hawaii Island has two active cases, both confirmed within the last few days.  The island’s total cases is 77.  The State report shows there are 66 active cases (640 total and 574 released from isolation).

Oahu has had 415 cumulative (32 active), Maui 117 (21 active), and Kaua’i, 21 cases. Mayor Derek Kawakami says there are no active cases on the island.


Cumulative totals as of 12:00 noon on May 18, 2020


COVID-19 Positive* Cases

Total Cases 640 (0 newly reported)§
Released from Isolation† 574
Required Hospitalization 82
Deaths 17

By County

COVID-19 Positive* Cases



Total Cases 77 total
Released from Isolation† 75
Required Hospitalization 1
Deaths 0


Total Cases 415 total
Released from Isolation† 383
Required Hospitalization 57
Deaths 11


Total Cases 21 total
Released from Isolation† 20
Required Hospitalization 1
Deaths 0


Total Cases 117‡ total
Released from Isolation† 96
Required Hospitalization 22
Deaths 6

HI Residents diagnosed outside of HI

10 total
Required Hospitalization 1

County Pending

0 total

*Positive cases include presumptive and confirmed cases, and Hawaii residents and non-residents; data are preliminary and subject to change. Note that CDC provides case counts according to states of residence.

Includes cases that meet isolation release criteria (Isolation should be maintained until at least 3 days (72 hours) after resolution of fever and myalgia without the use of antipyretics OR at least 10 days have passed since symptom onset, whichever is longer).  The cases that have died and one case that has left the jurisdiction have been removed from these counts.

One case is a Lanai resident whose exposure is on Maui Island and who will be remaining on Maui Island for the interim.