COVID-19 world 5.26M, US 1.6M, deaths 96K–Hawaii doing well

The Saturday morning, May 23,  Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard at 7:32 a.m.:

Worldwide cases: 5,267,452       Worldwide deaths:  339,949

U.S. cases: 1,611,691      U.S. deaths:  96,479

Although the U.S. case count continues to increase–up more than 28,000 from Friday, as do deaths–1,427 new deaths reported since Friday, most people recover from COVID-19.  Right now, all 50 states have loosened restrictions to some degree, but health officials remain concerned that people may not follow the precautions that are critical to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

National news reports that North Carolina had its biggest one-day increase in COVID-19 cases–1,107, according to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.   In Missouri, which allowed air salons to reopen on May 4,  a hair stylist with COVID-19 potentially infected 84 clients and 7 coworkers, according to The Hill.  Missouri’s health department officials say they’ve contacted all those people and offered COVID-19 testing, but hoped that since all those involved were wearing masks, the actual spread is low.

In Hawaii, Hawaii State Department of Health had positive news in their noon report on Friday. Not only were no new COVID-19 tests reported, but the Department corrected its records with updated testing information to remove 5 cases from the count.

The report says the state now has 642 cumulative cases (including 10 Hawaii residents on the mainland), the Big Island with 81 (5 active, reported over the past few days), O’ahu with 414 (29 active), Maui with 117 (12 active) and Kaua’i with 20, and although State DOH says 1 is active, Mayor Derek Kawakami has said there are no active cases as all have resolved or the person has left the island.