State DOT unveils new travel declaration form

The State Department of Transportation Airports Division is using a new travel declaration form for all arriving domestic and international passengers and all departing interisland passengers in Hawai‘i. The revisions include the addition of departure information, the purpose of travel and how the person made the reservation. Every adult traveler is required to complete the form in its entirety.

The Department of Transportation and government officials have been getting concerns from community members about visitors coming to Hawaii and not maintaining the mandatory 14-day quarantine for anybody traveling in from out of state as well as interisland travel.  There are some exemptions for essential workers and those traveling for healthcare.

The new mandatory travel declaration form is being used instead of the Department of Agriculture declaration form for passenger tracking. Both forms are mandatory and will be provided to passengers on trans-Pacific domestic and international flights by the flight crews. The agriculture form will be collected prior to landing by the flight crew, as it was before the travel quarantine began. The travel declaration form will be collected and verified by an airport representative after the passenger exits the plane. The mandatory travel declaration form: