50 visitors, 8 “relocating” land in Kona on Saturday

The Hawaii Tourism Authority says that 1,612 people arrived in Hawaii from out of state on Saturday.  Those coming into the Kona International Airport included 50 visitors, 8 people who said they are “relocating to Hawaii,” and 39 returning residents on 5 incoming flights.

Every person coming into the state, whether resident or visitor, is required to abide by the mandatory 14-day quarantine.  This mandate is in place because of the wide spread of COVID-19 in places other than Hawaii, and if an arriving passenger brings COVID-19 with them, the 14-day quarantine will give them a chance to ensure they are not contagious.

Residents must go to their homes.  Mayor Harry Kim said in a video conference with Gov. Ige and the other Mayors last Thursday that those without homes here are not allowed to go into Short Term Vacation Rentals but must stay at a hotel for monitoring purposes.  If there are any questions, Hawaii County Civil Defense is the proper entity to ask, at 808-935-0031.

This data was collected from the Hawaii Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Mandatory Travel Declaration Form.