US at 4.2 Million cases, 146,722 die from COVID

The Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard for Sunday morning, July 26, at 7:14 a.m.:

Worldwide cases: 16,117,308    Worldwide deaths: 645,692

U.S. cases: 4,209,922   U.S. deaths: 146,722

According to the Dashboard, the reported worldwide cases increased by 305,608 in the last 22 hours, and 4,449 deaths due to COVID-19 were reported.

According to the Johns Hopkins Dashboard, the United States has added 64,027 cases in the last 22 hours, and reportd deaths attributed to COVID-19 have increased by 669.

According to Worldometer, 2,072,527 people have recovered from COVID-19.  There are still more than 2 million people in the country with active cases.

Admiral Brett Giroir of the White House COVID-19 Task Force, speaking with Jake Tapper on CNN Sunday morning, acknowledged that testing in the United States is still not sufficient–not enough tests, and too long a turnaround time–to really get a handle on COVID-19 in the county.

In Hawaii, the state hit its highest daily case count on Saturday, with 73 new cases, 68 on O’ahu and 5 in Maui County.  On Sunday morning, State Health District Officer Dr. Lorrin Pang on Maui said some of the Maui cases were related to gatherings–as Dr. Bruce Anderson and Dr. Sarah Park, State Health Director and State Epidemiologist, said about cases on O’ahu.  The only way to stop this spread is for people to be responsible and follow the well-known health guidelines of social distancing and mask-wearing, plus frequent hand washing.

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