Big Island has 22 new COVID, 165 active, 1 death; State adds 200

The noon Sunday State Department of Health report:  the state has added 200 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with the total cases in the state standing at 8,339, with 5,756 active cases.  The State DOH is charged with actively monitoring each person with COVID-19 and tracing the contacts they have had with a goal towards finding and stopping the virus before people spread it further.

One additional death on O’ahu was reported, bringing the state’s count to 63 deaths.  However, one person who was hospitalized has died at Hilo Medical Center, as confirmed by Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim, and that is not shown in today’s count.

The Big Island has 22 newly-confirmed cases, in addition to the death.  On Saturday, there were 39 new cases reported.  Today the State DOH report says with 340 active cases and 174 “released from isolation,” it is monitoring 166 people with COVID-19, to trace their contacts and confirm they are isolating and how they are doing.  However, given the one known death, that number is actually 165.

Kona Community Hospital had two COVID-19 patients admitted yesterday, and they stayed overnight, but are being discharged today.  As of yesterday, Hilo Medical Center had 17 patients with COVID-19.  North Hawaii Hospital is not providing any information, saying to release numbers of patients with COVID-19, even without names or other identifiers, would violate patient privacy.

Kaua’i has no new cases.  Maui County has 4 new cases.  O’ahu has 174 new cases.

The State DOH noon report:

Hawaii County

Total Cases: 340
Released from Isolation: 174
Required Hospitalization: 13
Deaths: 0


Honolulu County

Total Cases: 7,584
Released from Isolation: 2,107
Required Hospitalization: 446
Deaths: 54


Kauai County

Total Cases: 57
Released from Isolation: 55
Required Hospitalization: 1
Deaths: 0


Maui County

Total Cases: 334
Released from Isolation: 184
Required Hospitalization: 43
Deaths: 8


Out of state

Total Cases: 24
Released from Isolation: 0
Required Hospitalization: 2
Deaths: 1



Total Cases: 0
Released from Isolation: 0
Required Hospitalization: 0
Deaths: 0


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