US COVID cases top 6 million with 183K deaths; Big Island cases triple in 1 month

The Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard for Monday, August 31, at 5:28 a.m.:

Worldwide cases:  25,254,3398   Worldwide deaths: 847,107

U.S. cases: 6,002,615     U.S. deaths:   183,203

According to the Dashboard, the reported worldwide case report increased by 203,161 in the last 24 hours.  Deaths worldwide increased by more than 3,466.

According to the Johns Hopkins Dashboard, the United States has added 37,276 cases in the last 24 hours.  In that time,  the number of reported deaths from  COVID-19 increased by 395.

Cases and deaths in the U.S. are growing steadily, but at a lower rate than two months ago.

The Big Island has now lost two residents of the Yukio Otsuku State Veterans Home in Hilo to COVID-19, the island’s first deaths.  The Big Island as of Sunday had at least 164 people with known active cases of COVID-19.  Mayor Harry Kim is urging people to isolate themselves if they know they’ve been exposed, and to get tested if they suspect they have the virus or know they were exposed.

Statewide, there are 5,756 active cases.

The state’s official death toll is 63, not counting the deaths on the Big Island.

The Big Island’s case count on August 1 after 5 months of tracking the coronavirus was 115, with no active cases.  The cases have tripled in just one month.

On the Big Island, as of Sunday afternoon:

—340 total cases

—164 active cases

—18 in Hilo Medical Center (3 in ICU, 15 in regular COVID-19 Unit)

–Kona Community Hospital — 2 COVID-19 patients were hospitalized overnight Saturday and released on Sunday

–??? at North Hawaii Community Hospital (they won’t say)

Yukio Okutsu Veterans Home:

—27 residents with COVID-19 (6 in the hospital, 19 in a COVID area at the Veterans Home)

–2 deaths

—10 staff with COVID-19


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