Lt. Gov. Josh Green positive for COVID-19

Lt. Gov. Josh Green, who has been involved in helping lead the state during the COVID-19 pandemic, has tested positive for COVID-19.  Earlier today his office announced that one of his security detail officers had tested positive.  All 14 employees in the Lieutenant Governor’s office, including administrative and executive teams and security detail as well as Green, were tested and are in quarantine.

Green rode in a car with the deputy for an hour and a half, and he assumes he caught it from the deputy or the deputy’s wife.

Kohala Hospital in Kapa’au confirmed Green tested positive.  Green still works as an Emergency Room doctor at Kohala Hospital.  The last time he worked was last Saturday, Sept. 5, through Monday, Sept. 7.  He was tested for COVID-19 on Wednesday, Sept. 2, in advance of his shift, and tested negative at that time.

“Per our emergency management protocols, we immediately began tracing and testing all employees who had contact with Dr. Green,” said Hospital Administrator, Gino Amar. “I have also been in touch with the patients who Dr. Green treated over the weekend. We will be conducting two rounds of COVID testing for each of those patients.”

All staff members at Kohala Hospital who worked with Green have been tested.  There were around 14 patients with whom Green was in close contact at Kohala Hospital.  Amar is personally contacting each patient and/or their family, and explaining the situation.

Kohala Hospital has an emergency room, plus has several long term care patients.  Dr. Green and his staff did not go into the long term care hospital at any time over the weekend.  While on duty, Green stays in a “doctor’s cottage” on the property.  Although Kohala Hospital undergoes thorough cleaning frequently, anyplace Dr. Green might have been during his shift received extra deep cleaning earlier today.

Amar said since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kohala Hospital has been actively monitoring all staff for signs and symptoms of the virus, and providing testing when appropriate.

Lt. Gov. Green, 50,  is in isolation at his home, taking over one of his children’s bedrooms.  Green and his wife Jaime have two young children, Maia and Sam.  In a text this evening, Green said his wife and children are “A-OK.”

Photo from Josh Green’s Facebook page