Hawaiʻi Police Department’s 93rd Recruit Class Graduates

After six months of training, the Hawaiʻi Police Department’s 93rd Police  Recruit Class Recognition Ceremony was held on Friday, February 12, 2021

According to a release from the Police Department, members of the 93rd  Recruit Class came from as far as Germany, Canada and the Philippines with a wide variety of career backgrounds including  retail,  hospitality and education.

The newly graduated officers now undergo four months of on-the-job field training with veteran police officers before they are qualified to work alone.

Class Officers include Officer Michael Gusman, Class President, Officer Stephen Pangle, Vice President, Officer Jason Lin, Secretary, and Officer Jade Thomas, Treasurer.  Other members of the class are David Brunner, Dallas Arce, John Harvey, Ridge Quitoriano, Sean-Tyler Kepoo, Taylor Cruz, Margot Babauta, Rommel Constantino, Nevin Morales, Christian Madera, Mara Gaertner, Jared Tatsuno, Scott Hammons, Tyler Tayamen, Dansen Cabinatan, Ryan Pagdilao, Xylon Takata, and Jessie Welch.


Photo courtesy of the Hawaiʻi Police Department




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