Hawaiʻi County Police Warn The Public to Beware of Impostors Posing as Health Department Officials

Impostors, posing as county officials, have been reported to be spreading misleading and inaccurate information about COVID-19 policies and procedures in the Puna District.

A release from Mayor Rothʻs office reports two women were seen at multiple businesses in the Puna Kai Shopping Center, allegedly informing employees and patrons that COVID-19 safety precautions like mask wearing and social distancing were no longer necessary. One report brought to the Mayor’s attention stated that the two impostors claimed to be from the “Hawaiʻi County Assembly of Health and Safety Commission.” No such commission exists.

“It’s disheartening to think that there are folks out there who are trying to trick people into abandoning the practices that have allowed us to keep our [COVID-19] counts some of the lowest in the Nation,” said Mayor Mitch Roth.

On Friday, February 12, 2021, Roth signed the Mayor’s Sixth Supplementary Emergency Proclamation extending the current state of emergency through April 12.  This extension maintains all policies and procedures related to deterring the threat of COVID-19 and is in accordance with the Governor’s Eighteenth Proclamation related to the COVID-19 emergency.

Hawaiʻi County officials are currently investigating this matter and want anyone who encounters this or a similar situation to immediately call the Hawaiʻi County Police Departmentʻs non- emergency number at 808-935-3311.

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