COVID-19 Weekly Update

In the last week, the State Department of Health reported 1169 cases of coronavirus with 10 new COVID-19 related deaths statewide in the last week. The following data includes confirmed and probable cases up until Wednesday, November 23, 2022. Full data is posted on the State of Hawaiʻi Department of Health Disease Outbreak Control Division.



Statewide COVID-19 Counts:

New Cases: 1169

Total Cases 366,340

New Fatalities: 10

Total Fatalities: 1,732

Daily Case Average: 149

Positivity Rate: 5.5%


In the last week, the DOH reports 128 new cases of coronavirus on Hawaiʻi Island.


Hawaiʻi County Counts:

New Cases: 128

Total Cases: 40,927

Daily Case Average: 17

Positivity Rate: 4.5%


Maui County Counts:

New Cases: 100

Total COVID Cases: 41,768


Kauaʻi County Counts:

New Cases: 56

Total COVID Cases: 18,368


Honolulu County Counts:

New Cases: 870

Total COVID Cases: 254,313

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