Island Conversations #75–Landlord Tenant Rapid Response Mediation

Hawaii County Council member Ashley Kierkiewicz and Hawaii Island Realtors Association Executive Director Kehau Costa realized once the COVID-19 issues began and businesses shut down and people lost jobs that there could be some serious issues with tenants unable to pay their rent…with both tenants and landlords potentially being in disastrous financial situations.  Ashley and Kehau both said they saw this after the 2008 recession, and wanted to see what could be done in advance to prevent evictions and other issues.  They called upon Ku’ikahi Mediation Center in Hilo and West Hawaii Mediation Center in Waimea, and the Rapid Response Landlord-Tenant Mediation Program was established.  This discussion with Kehau Costa plus Julie Mitchell from Ku’ikahi Mediation Center and Eric Paul from West Hawaii Mediation Center gives the details.

Post date:  May 18, 2020