Island Conversations #33–Hilo Medical Center 2 (with CEO Dan Brinkman) and remembering Barry Taniguchi, KTA Superstores’ Chair

Island Conversations host Sherry Bracken continues the conversation about Hilo Medical Center’s capabilities — the residency program, the family health clinic, cancer care, behavioral health, and more, in Part 2 of a two-part discussion.  Sherry and Dan spoke in his office at HMC.  We also share memories of Barry Taniguchi, KTA Superstores’ Chairman, who passed away September 20, 2019.  We talk with Dan Brinkman and with Rhea Lee Moku of Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce, plus share an excerpt from a 2016 discussion with Barry Taniguchi and his son Toby Taniguchi.

Air date:  September 29, 2019