Island Conversations #56–Pulse Point–saving Big Island lives

Hawaii County Fire Department has joined 3800 other communities in using Pulse Point, a free app you can download to your phone from the App Store.  It alerts users to the locations of Fire Department incidents, including where CPR is needed.  Host Sherry Bracken talks with HFD Captain Mike Lam of the EMS Bureau about the new app, and why it is so very important for those who know CPR to start CPR when somebody has cardiac arrest, even before the ambulance arrives.  Why?  Lam tells us organ death starts within 2 to 5 minutes, so as he says, bystander CPR is critical to the victim’s survival.  He says so far, bystander CPR has tripled our island’s survival rates.   I talked with the folks at Pulse Point, and they have MANY stories of successful saves, even in an infant 5 weeks old!

Posting date:  Feb. 3, 2020