Island Conversations


Island Conversations #82 — Landlord Tenant Mediation

Kehau Costa of Hawaii Island Realtors, Julie Mitchell of Ku’ikahi Mediation Center in Hilo, and Eric Paul of


Island Conversations #81–Gov. David Ige

Governor David Ige and Island Conversations host Sherry Bracken talked on Friday afternoon, June 5–lots of


Island Conversations #80– COVID testing, antibody testing, and more with Ali’i Health

Anne Broderson, Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner, and Clayton McGhan, the Executive Director of Ali’i


Island Conversations #79–Voting by mail–fraudulent? with Dr. Todd Belt of GWU

Voting by mail–we’ve been hearing from national leaders that voting by mail is fraudulent.  Is it?  If


Island Conversations #78–Hawaii elections, with Pat Nakamoto

Hawaii will be voting by mail for all future elections, including our next election August 8, in which the public may


Island Conversations #77–COVID PCR and antibody tests, with Dr. Scott Miscovich

Dr. Scott Miscovich, whose organization Premier Medical Group has been testing for both active and past COVID-19


Island Conversations #76 — Hawaii Island Food Basket update with Kristin Frost Albrecht

The United States Census Bureau reports that nearly half of American adults lost employment since mid March, and


Island Conversations #75–Landlord Tenant Rapid Response Mediation

Hawaii County Council member Ashley Kierkiewicz and Hawaii Island Realtors Association Executive Director Kehau Costa


Island Conversations #74–Agriculture, energy, water on the Big Island–with Council member Tim Richards

This time of COVID-19 has only reinforced how important it is to support agriculture in the state and on the


Island Conversations #73 — Kilauea, Mauna Loa, and did rain cause the 2018 eruption

Tina Neal is the Scientist in Charge at Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.  She gives Island Conversations host Sherry